Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Are my child's eyeglasses too tight or not fitting properly? Are poorly fitted eyeglasses dangerous?

Here is an excellent tip from the BC Doctors of Optometry on children's eye-glasses fitting that all parents should be aware of:

Glasses tip! Nose pads may leave light impressions on your child's nose at the end of a day but these slightly pink marks should be even on both sides of the nose and quickly disappear once the glasses have been removed.

You should never find any marks on the sides of your child's head. If you do, adjustments should be made immediately by your Doctor of Optometry in order to prevent the glasses from interfering with your child's normal head growth. Don't wait to do this because constricting growth can cause a permanent crease in the bone on the side of the head. Doctors of Optometry recommend parents check for these signs frequently to avoid their child not wanting to wear his or her glasses.
It can be a big problem if a child who needs glasses does not want to wear them.  A child who refuses to wear glasses is missing out on lots of visual stimulation and it makes school, which is visually based, more challenging than it needs to be.

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Lots of free parking!
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