Monday, September 30, 2013

The top three things to look for in kids' eyeglass frames

Did you know? Only 10% of all eyeglass frames are made for children.

There are a number of child friendly features to look for in children's frames.  Here are the top three:

  1. Find a pair with spring hinges. These hinges will compensate for those slight bumps into walls and other children. They also have some "give" so they can be bent without snapping.
  2. Flexible materials like Flexon make frames durable.  Flexon can be twisted, turned and bent to extreme angles without snapping.  Flexon frames are perfect for all kids, especially those involved in sports.
  3. Nose comfort.  Nose pads are a major discomfort for some kids and their presence on a frame can be a disincentive for a child to wear their glasses.  Nose pads are always present on metal frames but are almost never present on plastic or acetate frames.  The latter are the hottest fashion currently and make a more comfortable choice for some children.
Plastic kids frames by Converse.  Plastic frames have no nose-pad and may be more comfortable for some children.

Metal kids frames by Converse.  Nose-pads can be uncomfortable for some children.
Flexon frames can bend to extreme angles without breaking.

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Lots of free parking!
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