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Behaviors in children that indicate a visual-perceptual problem requiring a visit to a developmental optometrist

At our Vancouver eye clinic, our vision therapy practice serves many patients who have reading or learning problems that are caused by vision disorders.  Many of these problems are eye movement disorders, binocular vision problems, visual information processing disorders. Vision problems of this kind cannot be corrected by eye-glasses or contact lenses.

The challenge is that a child who has always suffered from an undiagnosed vision problem will not know that anything is wrong.  She has always seen that way and thinks that it is normal.  That is why annual eye exams are so important.  A developmental optometrists will always test for vision disorders that may otherwise go unnoticed.  If you don't live in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, you can find a developmental optometrist near you at

Another way to detect a vision disorder is for parents and teachers to closely observe their children.  Here are some behaviors that may indicate the presence of a visual-perceptual problem that could pose an impediment to learning.  This list was recently published in an article titled Visual Impediments to Learning in the journal Optometry &Visual Perception.

The child/student:

• Exhibits poor motor coordination
• Uncoordinated–frequent tripping, stumbling, bumping into
things, having trouble skipping and jumping
• Communicates infrequently with gestures or through
physical “acting”
• Does not enjoy books or pictures, perhaps does not enjoy
video games
• Demonstrates restlessness, short attention span,
• Plays games poorly; cannot imitate children in games
• Exhibits poor handwriting, artwork, drawing
• Exhibits reversals of the letters b, d, p, q, u, n when writing
[beyond age 7]
• Inverts numbers or reverses numbers
• Requires auditory cues
• Gives correct answers when teacher reads test but cannot
put answer on paper
• Fails to understand what is read
• Exhibits poor performance on group achievement tests
• Appears brighter than test scores indicate
• Has poor perception of time and space

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