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What is the best eyewear for kids? It's what eye doctors choose for their own kids.

Kids eyewear by Vancouver's children's optometirst
The eye wear that eye doctors choose for their kids reflects a doctor's concern for health, safety and effective vision correction.  Technology and science have given parents eyewear choices that greatly enhance safety and protection to the point where children who wear glasses are better protected from disease and safer from injury than those who don't wear glasses.  

Here is what we are talking about.  Dr. Randhawa's kids would be fitted with  advanced UV protection lenses that give twice the protection of ordinary UV lenses.  Advanced UV lenses like Crizal Fore UV are new and you may not have heard about them; click here for more information.  If That's important for kids because most of harmful UV exposure in your life happens during childhood.  And UV exposure causes eye diseases later in life like cataracts, macular degeneration and skin cancer around the eyes (the most common form of skin cancer).  The most important time for UV protection is childhood.

Advanced UV lenses are available in polycarbonate material, which is impact resistant and very difficult to break.  This is very important because childhood eye injuries are the most common cause of blindness in kids.  And the biggest contributor to eye injuries is sports.  Eye injuries also happen frequently in the home.  A child wearing impact resistant lenses is better protected from injury that a child wearing ordinary lenses and much better protected than a child that does not wear glasses at all.

Finally, it cannot be ignored that glasses may have a social or psychological impact on a child.  For that reason, it is important to select frames that are attractive, stylish and made by leading, even prestigious brands.  These things matter to kids, who - along with their classmates - are brand conscious and keeping these factors in mind will help ensure that a child will wear his or her glasses and even enjoy wearing them.  This means that the child will see the black board and her books clearly while she is in school and away from school.  Remember that 80% of our learning happens through our visual system.  It is important to do whatever we can to ensure that there are no obstacles to this learning, be they bad but correctable eyesight or social and phsychological impediments to wearing glasses.

Anti-glare coating on lenses is another must.  It looks more attractive, it makes it easier to see by eliminating distracting glare, and it fights visual fatigue which means that your child can spend more time on visually demanding tasks like school work, reading, arts and crafts without experiencing headaches and visual strain.

Another new product that is excellent for children's eye wear is Optifog.  This is a lens treatment that provides the first effective means of preventing fog on lenses. It prevents the safety hazard caused by fog due to the fact that the child temporarily cannot see.  It also prevents the embarrassment of having your lenses fog-up when going from a cold to warm environment, playing sports, or sitting over a steaming meal or beverage. Incidentally, Optifog won Canadian product of the year in Canada.

It is also important to keep in mind that the visual demands on today's children are very different that the demands their parents faced.  Children today use computer, tablets and other electronic media frequently.  This has caused vision problems such as digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome, which affect both children and their parents. There are now advanced eyewear options that your optometrist can talk to you about to address this new vision problem.

Finally, be aware that there are options for children beyond glasses and contact lenses, which will even prevent a child's eyes from getting worse.  The most popular non-surgical method of vision correction which is safe and effective for children who are good candidates is orthokeratology.

The photo at the top of this post is from the Sketchers kids eyewear collection.

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